The Carolyn Sills Combo
Sat Aug 24 8:00 pm
All Ages
“Listening to The Carolyn Sills Combo, you might do a double-take: Is this newly fashioned country music, or a long-lost 1950s or '60s band coming out of the ether? The Combo is indeed that good.” - Vintage Guitar Magazine, 2024. Hailing from Santa Cruz, CA, The Carolyn Sills Combo was named the 2024 Ameripolitan Award Winner for Western Swing Group in Austin, TX. They write American roots music that reaches across genre boundaries and state lines, driven forward by guitar twang and swooning steel, and the sharp songwriting of the band's frontwoman. Celebrating the release of their new album, On The Draw, The Combo brings more of their unmistakable twang and three part vocal harmonies to Club Car Bar on August 24th. "The Combo has been playing its signature blend of country, hillbilly, and rockabilly on an array of discs very much worth checking out. Sills sometimes calls their sound "spaghetti-western swing." and swing it does." - Vintage Guitar Magazine, 2024.