Maoli, referred to as Hawaii and Polynesia’s No. 1 independent commercial recording artist, has transcended borders with their extraordinary talent, capturing the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide. The band, which Glenn Awong fronts, was formed in 2007 and has since performed across the U.S., New Zealand, Australia, and the South Pacific. Over the years, Maoli's music has matured into a sound and style constantly evolving to reflect and meet the eclectic taste of the group and its loving fans. Maoli has developed its unique sound by fusing the elements of country, R&B, soul, acoustics, rock and roll, and reggae. This "Country Reggae" has been labeled as heartfelt, uplifting, feel-good music with an impressive reach, enabling the group to sell out the largest venues in Hawai'i.
The Nile Theater , Bakersfield, CA
Fri, Jul 12 8:00 pm
All Ages