Chase the Comet frontwoman Nika Comet and guitarist Alex Mishustov arrived in the United States from Moscow, Russia in 2016 with just a guitar, a microphone, and a passion for artistry in music. High school sweethearts, eco-vegan activists, Nika and Alex, fell in love while playing in a band named The Sun back in Russia. There, they produced a full-length Russian language album, ‘Город Без Сна,’ City Without Sleep. The couple’s musical resume demonstrates their musicianship. Before arriving in America, Nika sang backup vocals for Tarakany!, one of the most famous Russian punk bands. Her partner, Alex, shared grand stages in Russia as an opener for Metallica, Linkin Park, Muse, Incubus, and more. Knowing they wanted to share their music with the world, they moved to the epicenter of the media industry, Los Angeles. Releasing their first EP in 2016 titled, ‘This is MyRockBand’ and then their first English language album, ‘Rush’N’Rule’ in 2018 they set out on tour with American drummer and bass-guitarist. After touring in more than twenty cities across seven states for this album and growing an international online following the couple returned to the studio to record Out of the Matrix. Self-taught musicians Nika and Alex bring a unique international feel to their English music, adding raps and hooks in Russian. They manage every aspect of their sound production in their home studio.

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