Sadgirl, minishoppingcart
Thu Nov 9 7:00 pm
All Ages
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The genesis of any given rock n’ roll band is often shrouded in myth. When does a band actually begin? Is it the first practice? The first song written together? SadGirl was born into the world when they played their first show in their native Los Angeles back in November 2013. To commemorate their first full decade together, the band is paying homage to the SoCal area by embarking on SadWorld -- a regional tour / traveling mini-festival of the towns and neighborhoods that fostered them since the beginning. SadWorld consists of ten nights of intimate shows throughout the various communities in which SadGirl cut their teeth in their early years, each with their own unique and hand-picked support artists. This run of shows is meant to be both a celebration of the local scenes that helped shape and support the band, as well as a challenge to the modern touring model. In keeping with SadGirl’s penchant for small-batch DIY designed merch, the band will be offering limited edition, show-specific merch items at each stop on the SadWorld run, as well as a new vinyl compilation of old classics, rarities, and live versions of fan-favorites. Each show will be announced one day at a time, all leading up to SadGirl’s biggest headlining show to date. In a musical landscape that increasingly favors the global prospects offered by the internet, SadGirl has opted to focus on the organic grassroots process of old school gigging and building their audience one show at a time. By bringing their danger-draped, lo-fi doo-wop and vintage rock 'n roll to the people in their neighborhood hangouts, SadGirl reminds audiences across Southern California of the power and immediacy of a band raised in the trenches of punk spaces and dive bars, rather than in the cold sterility of the online world. With the Pomona and Highland Park shows already announced and sold out, the unveiling of SadWorld is underway. SadGirl is beyond thrilled to celebrate ten years with the friends and fans they’ve made over the last decade and are excited to subvert the old touring model by sharing it with the communities that helped define their art.  



SadGirl has always existed in a state of flux, with new contributors coming in and out of the equation and new tactics being explored for capturing found Misha Lindes’ songwriting. And yet the heart and soul of the music has always touched upon memories of the past while mining an analog sound steeped in history, nostalgia, and LA. The group’s sound digs into old school brokenhearted country music like George Jones or Patsy Cline with a slight flourish of Mexican norteño ballads. This new chapter for the group focuses more as a personal recording project than it has been in the past. If this is any indication of what’s to come for SadGirl, then perhaps the past is best left to memory.