Agent Orange

The Original Southern California Punk/Surf Power Trio, Agent Orange, is one of only a handful of bands who have been continually active since the earliest days of the West Coast Punk Scene.

Being the first to combine the melodic California surf guitar sound with the frantic energy of punk, Agent Orange invented the formula that would come to define the Orange County punk sound. Highly influential to many of the bands who have followed in their path, Agent Orange have always stayed one step ahead.

Temblor Brewing Company , Bakersfield, CA
Fri, Jan 19 8:00 pm
All Ages

Gigi's , Ventura, CA
Sat, Jan 20 8:00 pm
21 and up

Transplants Brewing Company , Palmdale, CA
Sat, Mar 2 8:00 pm
All Ages

Strummer's , Fresno, CA
Sat, May 4 8:00 pm
All Ages