The 9th or 10th Annual Degenerate DRUNK Bowling Tournament

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The 9th or 10th Annual Degenerate DRUNK Bowling Tournament

Date(s) - May 28 2018
3:00 am - 6:00 am

The Orleans Bowling Center



This longstanding PRB tradition powers on. Rules are simple:
One game. Must be intoxicated. No ringers or non-PRB affiliated kooks.
Highest score from scratch takes home the much coveted Degenerate Bowling Champion Trophy and year round bragging rights. Sober bowlers are welcome but we will knock 50 points off your score.

This takes place Sunday Night/Monday Morning at 3am.
Bar on site. Bowling cost $1. Entry fee is FREE.  #Fuckdiego

Previous Champions
2009 Diego Reynosa/BYO
2010 Diego Reynosa/BYO
2011 Tim Bramlette/Bramlette Photography
2012 Paul Amaryal
2013 Diego Reynosa/BYO
2014 Jacq Cohen/Numbskull
2015 Gumby Escalante/Numbskull
2016 Jennette Luehring/Reggie’s Rock Club – Chicago

2017 Hal/Suicidal Nippleheads

“How much does it cost?”
Answer: $1

“When and where is it?”
Answer: Orleans Bowling Center 3am

“Is this an official PRB event?”
Answer: It is not.

“Can anyone attend?”
Answer: Yes.

“How will you know if someone is drunk or not?”
Answer: We will know. After approx 72 hours of PRB it becomes fairly easy to tell who is sober and who isn’t.

“Can I still bowl if I’m sober?”
Answer: Yes. You will have 50 points subtracted from your final scratch score.

“Why would you bowl at 3am in the morning after such a long and crazy weekend when you still have a whole other day of festival ahead of you?”
Answer: I have no idea. It is fun once you’re there, but getting there is hell.

“Is it okay to just randomly say “Fuck Diego” out loud before, during or after the event?”
Answer: Not only is it okay, but it’s encouraged.

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